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Category Archives: Immigration Insights

Immigrants are creating new jobs, not taking them away

IMMIGRATION INSIGHTS: Immigrants Entrepreneurs are making more jobs by starting new businesses, more so than our native-born population. An interesting analysis on Vox.com breaks down the statistics. Immigrants are determined to make their own way, and are less familiar with alternative career options, so are more likely to start a business, creating jobs as a… Read More »

Why Delaying Immigration Reform Fails

IMMIGRATION INSIGHTS: President Obama has put off his proposed fix of the U.S. immigration system. A very revealing chart in this week’s Economist shows why deferring reform fails. The only significant updates to immigration law in recent years have focused on tightening our southern border and penalizing re-entries, but this has had the unintended consequence… Read More »

“Birth Tourism” and U.S. Citizenship

Recent news reports show the “birth tourism” scam is alive and well, and has popped up again in Southern California. While the idea of coming to the U.S. to give birth and thereby qualifying a newborn child for U.S. citizenship is not new, the large scale and open marketing of current tour group-style operations based… Read More »

The Fringe Benefits of U.S. Citizenship

Many immigrants to the United States will eventually choose to become U.S. citizens. The well-known benefits of citizenship include the right to vote in U.S. elections, to travel with a U.S. passport, the ability to file immigration petitions for family members, and the security of knowing that you can never be deported. These are major… Read More »

Immigration Dysfunction: Is there a Tech fix?

Sooner or later, everyone who is in the tech field for the long run bumps up against the U.S. immigration system. The tech talent pool is global, our engineering schools have plenty of international grads looking to be placed into U.S. jobs, and smart international investors are looking for U.S. tech entrepreneurs to back. And… Read More »

Becoming a U.S. Citizen: Now more important then ever

Becoming a United States Citizen There are a number of basic benefits to becoming a United States citizen. These include the right to vote in American elections, the right to petition for immigrant visas for your immediate relatives, the right to travel on an American passport, and the right to come and go freely from… Read More »