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Biometrics Appointment (Fingerprinting)

A few weeks after filing an application with the USCIS, applicants will receive a biometrics appointment notice in the mail notifying them of the date, time, and place to have taking their fingerprints taken at an “Application Support Center” (ASC).

In Hawaii, the local ASC is on the fourth floor of the USCIS Honolulu District Office, which is located in Restaurant Row/Waterfront Plaza, Building 2, 500 Ala Moana Boulevard.

Currently, the USCIS is scheduling biometrics appointments in Hawaii between six to eight weeks after the date of filing.

Although the USCIS does allow applicants to change a scheduled appointment, in general, applicants should avoid rescheduling as it could be several weeks before the next available appointment date, thereby delaying scheduling of the adjustment interview.


The biometrics appointment is a relatively simple process that should take roughly fifteen minutes. You should anticipate a level of security at the Application Support Center similar to what you would expect at an airport — to enter, you will have to pass through a metal detector and present your ASC Appointment Notice and photo identification to security.

Examples of acceptable photo identification include a passport or national photo identification issued by your country, a driver’s license, a military photo identification, or a state-issued photo identification card. Security will not allow you to enter the ASC more than fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

Once you enter the ASC, you will be asked to complete an Applicant Information Worksheet. To complete this, you will need to find your Alien Number and Application Receipt numbers, which are on your Appointment Notice. After turning in the completed Worksheet to the receptionist, they will call your name when they are ready to take your picture and fingerprints. Your fingerprints are electronically submitted to the FBI for use in criminal background checks.

Once your fingerprints and photo are complete, the technician or clerk will stamp your appointment letter with a red stamp indicating the time and date of completion. We would like to have a copy of this for your file, so we may have evidence of compliance if needed at some later point in the process. You can mail the original to us, or if you prefer, scan it and email it.